Pro-life fundraising

Raise money to help women and support life-giving causes

Start a fundraising page for a personal pro-life effort.

Offer hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies by providing practical help and emotional support.

Help a friend in need by starting a free fundraiser. Make a difference for individuals and your community by starting your own effort to:

  • Buy diapers, clothes, and formula to support life
  • Pay for legal expenses to adopt a child
  • Organize small groups for bus trips and rallying efforts
  • Host a pro-life speaker to come to your church
  • Visit friends and family who are all alone

Start a pro-life personal fundraiser
Start a fundraising page for your favorite pro-life charity.

According to National Right to Life, an estimated 58.5 million babies have died in the U.S. from abortion since 1973.

Raise money for organizations such as March for Life, Thomas More Society, Gabriel Project, Project Rachel, and other charities that provide:

  • Homeless shelters for pregnant women and their families
  • Prenatal healthcare and affordable health insurance
  • Diapers, formula, and baby supplies to needy families
  • Therapy and counseling for people hurting from an abortion
  • Political activism and legal defense

Start an organization fundraiser