Memorial crowdfunding

Raise funds in remembrance of your loved ones

Start a personal fundraising page to honor a family member or friend

Raise money to pay for the goods and services needed to honor the legacy of neighbors, friends, and family

Help a grieving family by creating a free fundraiser. Comfort the afflicted by starting your own effort to:

  • Raise money to cover funeral costs Read tips
  • Help with travel funds so loved ones can attend a funeral
  • Donate a garden, bench or monument in memory of a departed loved one
  • Create a fund for children who have lost a parent
  • Start a legacy that may endure for years to come

Start a personal fundraiser
Start a free charity fundraiser in memory of a loved one

Honor the legacy of heroes, friends, and family by supporting causes they care about and protecting our future

Raise money for organizations as a tribute to deceased loved ones such as:

  • Cancer, disease, and medical research funds
  • Community foundations and local programs
  • Alumni schools, clubs, and universities
  • Folds of Honor and other veteran support charities
  • Animal welfare and environmental conservation nonprofits

Start an organization fundraiser