International and travel fundraising

Raise funds to support the value of seeing with new eyes

Start a personal fundraising page to pay for a international service trip.

Create a campaign for an individual volunteer or mission.

Help a friend in need by starting a free fundraiser. Make a difference for individuals and your community by starting your own effort to::

  • Raise funds for a friend to travel abroad
  • Put the first dollars in a scholarship fund for a trip to India
  • Secure funding for a youth group’s trip to a Latin American country
  • Fund a foreign exchange student
  • Send your pastor and his family on a trip to Rome

Start a personal travel fundraiser
Start a free fundraising page to inspire international travel.

"How often I found where I should be going only be setting out for somewhere else." - Buckminster Fuller.

Raise money for organizations such as Education Bridge Project, Children International, Unbound and other charities that provide:

  • Educational and artistic exchanges between Americans and foreign countries
  • Sponsorships to support a child living in poverty
  • Education and support for immigration and integration
  • Legal rights and protection for the world’s most vulnerable
  • An opportunity to impact the world in achieving world peace

Start an organization fundraiser