Faith and family crowdfunding

Raise funds for faith-based initiatives and families

Start a personal fundraising page for a parish or family member.

Create a campaign that assists our brothers and sisters in need.

Help a family member in need by starting a free fundraiser. Make a difference for your families by starting your own effort to:

  • Provide assistance for medical emergencies
  • Celebrate life milestones like birthdays, weddings, and retirement
  • Organize a family reunion
  • Raise funds for family dream vacations
  • Reunite a military veteran with his or her family

Start a personal fundraiser
Start a free fundraising page for your church or a faith-based organization.

Faith has the power to transform individuals, families, communities and even the world.

Raise money for organizations such as churches, retreat centers, missions, and other charities that provide:

  • Shelter for displaced, immigrant families
  • A sacred place to renew and refresh faith
  • Funding to refurbish old church building
  • New bibles and hymnals
  • Launch of food pantries in underserved communities

Start an organization fundraiser