Community fundraising

Raise funds to promote community outreach

Start a personal fundraising page to support a community cause.

Create a campaign that supports family and friends in your community.

Help a friend in need by starting a free fundraiser. Make a difference for individuals and your community by starting your own effort to:

  • Raise funds to plant and maintain a community garden
  • Organize a mothers or fathers support group
  • Secure funding to create a new neighborhood park
  • Contribute to the political campaign of a worthy, local representative
  • Organize a neighborhood watch group for increased security

Start a personal fundraiser for the community
Start a free fundraising page for causes that unite the community.

Through shared attitudes, interests and goals... many unite as one community.

Raise money for organizations such as Hope House, Community Foundations, and other local charities that provide:

  • A safe place for domestic violence survivors to heal
  • Improved quality of life in your community
  • Educational resources at libraries
  • Counseling services for emergency and relief workers
  • Health care for public servants who require extra care

Start an organization fundraiser