Animals and Nature

Raise funds to protect animals and our environment.

Start a personal fundraiser to conserve and protect Mother Nature.

Create a campaign committed to securing better lives for animals.

Help a friend in need by starting a free fundraiser. Make a difference for individuals and your community by starting your own effort to:

  • Raise money for a community clean-up day
  • Contribute funding and volunteer time for a local animal shelter
  • Support a local park’s new trail system
  • Provide funding for a field trip to the zoo
  • Adopt a pet from your local animal shelter

Start an environmental fundraiser
Start a free fundraising page to support animals and nature.

"Look into nature and you will understand everything better." – Albert Einstein

Raise money for organizations such as The Humane Society, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Preservation Nation, and other charities that provide:

  • Awareness of animal cruelty
  • Good homes for orphaned animals
  • Funds to raise awareness of climate change
  • Education to help minimize the damage of carbon emissions
  • Recycling initiatives for the local community

Start an organization fundraiser