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Idaho Plaintiffs Opposed to COVID Lockdown

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Category: Freedoms

Start Date: November 19, 2020

Governor Little continues to trample on fundamental constitutional rights in Idaho and has imposed the most draconian infringement of constitutional liberties ever seen in the state before.
Governor Little and Director Jeppesen have caused enough harm to churches, families and children.
The people of Idaho must stand up and protect our children, religious liberty and freedom of assembly.
Idahoan's have had enough tyrannical overreach.
Idaho is the last bastion of freedom. If we lose this great state to the corrupt Boise swamp, there will be nowhere in the world left to seek political and religious freedom.

Please become a member of 1776Idaho and JudicialGuard, Inc., get involved in the effort, and donate to support the legal battle for our freedom!
We need to engage expert witness and unleash a fury of aggressive discovery to uncover the greatest fraud of our generation. We will uncover the fraud and we will hold Governor Little and Director Jeppesen accountable.

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